Terms and Conditions 

The services provided by the www.odds.dog platform are provided exclusively under consideration of the following terms and conditions:

1. Services
1.1. Clever Gest, LDA is the legal owner of the domain www.odds.dog.

1.2 These apply to any user who makes use of the content, offers and services that the platform provides. By registering on the platform, the user formally accepts these terms and conditions, the Privacy Policy, and all other terms that can be periodically modified.
2. Use of the services
2.1. To register on the platform, the user must be at least 18 years of age or any other minimum legal majority in the jurisdiction in which the user is concerned. Odds.Dog reserves the right to request proper and satisfactory documentation to verify the age and/or user identity. Odds.Dog also has the right to block the user account until it has provided the required proof.

2.2. It is your responsibility to ensure that the laws of the country of residence or the user's location allow the user to sign up to the platform.

2.3. After successful registration, the user is authorised to use all offers and services of the platform for free. For the avoidance of doubt, this right does not represent an obligation to Odds.Dog of providing specific content and/or services to any user under any circumstances and in any measure.

2.4. In addition to the complimentary use of the services, the user can register on the Sports Betting and Casino websites promoted by www.odds.dog platform (which are not operated by the company Odds.Dog) using the platform. Odds.Dog is not responsible for the content and/or services provided by the Sports betting and Casino websites or other partners linked to www.odds.dog. Registration on these websites through the platform is subject to certain conditions.

2.5. When the user uses our links to register/Sync on any site with which Odds.Dog detains a partnership, the user is accepting that some of his/her personal information and playing activity can be exchanged between Odds.Dog and the respective partners.

2.6. To avoid any damage to other users, a registered user of www.Odds.Dog is not allowed to create more than one account with www.Odds.dog. Nor with the bookmakers and casinos promoted by it.

2.7. The truthfulness of the information provided to Odds.Dog regarding the odds generated by the bookmakers is the responsibility of the site in which it was generated. Odds.Dog is not responsible for possible nonconformities of the information received from the bookmakers with which we have partnerships.

2.8. Regarding payments (e.g. withdrawal of starting capital, any winnings, cashback, etc.), the terms and conditions of the respective Sports betting and Casino websites apply. Payouts are only made by the sites themselves.
3. Data Protection
3.1. Refer to our Privacy Policy for details on Data Protection.
4. Deleting users/retention of benefits
4.1. Odds.Dog reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delete platform users, block a new registration or retain/deny user benefits. This also applies to others acting on behalf of the respective user.
5. Individual Password
5.1. During registration, the user must choose an individual password for access to all services and all parts of the platform on www.odds.dog. You may not reveal your password to third parties and should keep it in a safe place to avoid abusive uses.
6. Copyright
6.1. Articles, texts and images are copyrighted. The users are allowed to make use of the platform's content only for their personal use. Regarding videos on the platform, users are not allowed to download them without written permission from Odds.Dog. The user is allowed to share the link to this content, including publishing the link on social networks.
7. Governing Law
7.1. These Terms and Conditions (including any variation or modification thereto) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Portugal. You irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Portugal Continental Courts to resolve any disputes or issues arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and/or their applicability.
8. Modification of Terms of use
8.1. Odds.Dog reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the www.odds.dog website is offered at any time without notice. These updates will take effect as soon as they are posted here. It is your sole responsibility to check back regularly for any changes. Please note that the bonuses for which you qualify are determined by the Sports betting and Casino websites with whom we work with, not by us. If for any reason, the Sports betting and Casino websites decide to reduce these bonuses later on for any reason, it is not a decision that we can affect. It is the duty of Odds.Dog to alert the user about this change as soon as possible. It is your responsibility when signing up to a Sports betting or Casino website to make sure that you agree with the terms and conditions of that website. You must confirm if you are not contravening any rules/laws that the Sports Betting or Casino websites or the territory/state/country in which you are resident define. If the Sports Betting or Casino website offers any kind of bonus and there’s a delay or problem regarding the payment of said bonus, Odds.Dog is not responsible in any way.
9. Final provisions
9.1. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any aspect, it will not affect the validation or execution of the rest of the Terms and Conditions.

9.2. A registered user automatically signs up to our "Newsletter". The user can unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time by selecting this option in their user profile settings.

9.3. At any time, Odds.Dog has the right to transfer all or part of their services to a third-party system. If such a situation occurs, the user will be informed through the registered email.